Research Updates for Midwives

A Collection of Research Reviews

Important new information to help improve outcomes in pregnancy and childbirth!

Topics include: 

Preventing Prematurity,  through Nutrition and optimum vaginal flora

Group B Strep Recommendations plus alternative preventive strategies 

Issues in Postmaturity 

Dealing with Prolonged Labor  

Reconsidering Gestational Diabetes

Promoting healthy vaginal flora

Appropriate use of oxygen for labor and birth

VBAC issues

Examining routine care for the baby at birth

Protocols and Guidelines



  RESEARCH UPDATES FOR MIDWIVES  has been  EXPANDED, REVISED AND UPDATED into a new book format! (the current photo shows the old spiral-bound edition).

Research Updates is a review of current research on pregnancy and birth from a midwifery perspective. It "studies the studies", and puts research data into everyday language, analyzing common practices for their effectiveness and safety. This book puts data, references, study results, and reviews directly into your hands.

Research Updates Volume I and II were "spiral bound, 120 pages, single-sided for notes".  The new edition of  'Research Updates Volume I and II, Revised and Expanded' is 179 pages, double-sided and perfect bound. 

Topics include: Preventing preterm birth, Prelabor Rupture of Membranes, and Pre-eclampsia; Nutrition and supplements; The role of healthy vaginal flora; A review of new recommendations and alternatives to reduce Group B Strep; Prolonged pregnancy; Prolonged labor; Understanding gestational diabetes; Ground-breaking research on the hazards of inappropriate use of oxygen in labor and birth; Vaginal Birth After Cesarean; The First Moments of Life--   Caring for the baby at birth (cord clamping, suctioning, meconium, warming etc); Protocols and  guidelines update.  

This book may be currently purchased directly from the author  ( or phone 503 235 7514). The price is $35 and includes shipping within the continental US.  

Ordering Information 

 Perfect bound, 176 pages. Price $35, includes S&H.